A Design With Soul
A design with soul

Somnus takes its inspiration from a pebble rounded to perfection by the flow of a river. It delivers the sound of the river, the light from the sun and the fresh air from the woods. Its stylish design fits into your room and the precise sensors and software work perfectly together to help you get the best sleep of your life.

Smart to care your day and night

The Saturn tracker is smart yet with multipurpose. During day time, for your fitness, you can clip it on your pocket, belt, or wear it on your wrist, it tracks your steps, walking distance, calories burned and the intensity of your activity. Come nightfall, clip it on your pillow or wear it on your wrist, it measures how long you slept, when you are falling asleep, naturally stir, or waking up. It will show you your daily exercise score. Also together with Somnus sensors’ data giving you a whole picture of your sleep quality score.

Technology must improve your living quality

Somnus stylish design with pebble black and white color is surely fit into your room. Most importantly, it must highly improve your living quality. That’s why we been struggling to come up with many ID and mechanical designs review over and over again to meet all the setting criteria.

From design to real for excellence

To put the complex components together in a small device and make it simple to use is a challenge. But to make it works for excellence is a masterpiece! We have go through many tests and experiments, no compromise with the quality, at last we overcome every challenges to make it come true!

Revitalizing sleep is great

Somnus is design to meet the criteria of sleep priority, first must help you to fall asleep smoothly, second you can sleep soundly, at last Somnus’s Smart alarm is different from the market, you are awakened by the morning music and simulated sunrise light plus the negative ions to refresh you. This not only wake you up naturally but also energized you up for a whole day! Conventional clock with tic sound and digital clock with display will interrupt your sleep. Somnus smart and user-friendly design without display but only with one wave of your hand when you need, it can tells you the current time, temperature, humidity and air quality index, isn't great!