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Improve your Insomnia nightmare First find out the root cause

Cause of insomnia is quite complex, to improve insomnia must first find out the reasons, patients may be psychological factors, such as bipolar disorder, delusional disorder and other mental diseases, are likely to cause long-term insomnia. A moment of tremendous pressure, can also cause transient insomnia, such as young people lovelorn and the relatives deceased.

First of all, find your belong to what type of insomnia
First, distinguish insomnia type by time
1. Transient insomnia: less than one week. The reason is excessive tension, stress, depression, or the surrounding environment caused by sudden changes, and some acute illness, drugs also will induce insomnia.
2. Short-term insomnia: time to maintain a week to a month. The reason is similar with transient insomnia, but the extent of stressful events are often more severe, including divorce, widowhood, death in the family, emotional trauma, etc ... Such insomnia and stress, emotions have high relevance, need a longer time to heal.
3. Long-term (chronic) insomnia: more than one month. The reason is at the beginning could be because of physical, psychological, environmental, among other factors that caused insomnia doesn't improved, or did not realize the status to receive appropriate treatment, will form a long-term insomnia. Alternatively, it may be because of other diseases or drug-induced secondary-onset insomnia.
Second, distinguish insomnia by type
1. Sleep difficult type: they can not sleep after going to bed, usually more than 30 minutes or more, can be called insomnia. This type mostly are young people.
2. Light sleep fitfully type: Although this type of insomnia has not suffered the torment of difficulty falling asleep, but easy to wake up after sleep and dreams, has been at the light sleep state without knowing it.
3. Morning sober type: Patients often wake up early in the morning, get up at 3 to 4 O'clock, but can not then continue to sleep, even feel sleepy but can not fall asleep.