Sleepals is an IoT sleep aids device

Sleepals is an IoT sleep aids device which helping you to clear your mind and easy fall asleep, extend your deep sleep, wake up naturally by music get refreshed and more energized. It also features with Power nap to increase your creativity, Light energizer to soothe your mood, and adjust jet lag to reduce your uncomfortable. All of the functions can be operate by mobile phone Sleepals app.

Product Name: Sleepals sleep aids system                             Distortion: <0.5%

Model Number: SL500                                                                                    S/N ratio: >= 80dB

Charging: DC 5: 3.7V/4000mAH                                                     Dimension: Φ88x141mm

Charging Time: 4-5hrs                                                                                   Weight: ~345g

Speaker: Φ66x35mm                                                                                     Power: 4Ω 5W

Freq. Response: 70Hz-20KHz                                                              Flash Memory: 16GB



After full charged it can sustain 22 hours with only music and with only highest brightness LED light can last for 8 hours and the lowest brightness LED light last for 180 hours.